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PQI IConnect 001 32GB USB Flashdrive - Silver

SAR 329.00
Instant gratification Plug in iConnect to satisfy all your music and video cravings of the moment.Quickly preview files stored in iConnect with your iPhone or iPad and play all kinds of videos and music directly. Two-way high-speed data transfer Achieve high-speed, two-way data transfer at 10 times the speed* with iConnect - easily transfer the photos, music, and videos stored in your iPhone and iPad to iConnect, or transfer photos, music, and videos from iConnect to your iPhone and iPad. File encryption To protect your data, the iConnect allows you to lock single or multiple files using a single encryption password. This not only protects your data stored in the iConnect, but also allows for faster access. File compression The iConnect can compress single or multiple files simultaneously. Compressing and backing up files gives you extra free space to store even more data on your iConnect!
PQI iConnect is equipped with an Apple certified Lightning interface that can be plugged into an iPhone, iPad & iPod directly. It helps you to quickly back up photos and videos and stores your precious memories, leaving your iPhone, iPad & iPod with enough space to capture exciting moments at all times. iConnect is also equipped with a USB 3.0 interface for fast data transfer, Whether transferring data from your computer to your iPhone, iPad & iPod, or backing up iPhone, iPad & iPod data onto your computer, you can now effortlessly piece together every moment of your life with iConnect!