Before we were plunged into the world of technology, selfies weren’t really a thing that anyone did. We all had disposable cameras, and we were not about to ruin one precious snap on taking an awkward photo of our face, which may or may not have turned out nice. The risk was simply too big to take. But long gone are those days, and thanks to all phones having decent cameras, we’re only one snap away from an epic selfie. 1. Best angle Quite simply it showcases your absolute best angle. It transforms you from your normal self to someone who looks like you on a good day, with a fresh haircut and the sun shining down on you and bouncing beautifully off your face. 2. You will love it When other people take pictures of you, you never really know how they will turn out. But at least with a selfie you can control the picture and position yourself in the best lighting so you are guaranteed to love it. 3. So many takes Not everyone is happy to take several shots of you, facing different angles, and sometimes they get a little annoyed with you. But with the humble selfie you can take as many pictures as you want, with no one complaining that you’ve had enough, or that their arm is hurting. 4. All the accessories With all of the selfie friendly accessories floating around such as numerous filters, selfie sticks and of course the selfie phone clip it would be rude not to take advantage. 5. You’re part of a selfie club Not everyone understands your love of a good selfie but when you find someone else who is just as obsessed, you immediately become best friends and swap posing tips. Like the best angle to hide your double chin. Winner. 6. Never a bad place Selfies are now common place, and there is never a bad place for you to quickly take one. In fact, you can take any backdrop, and turn it into the perfect scene for a new masterpiece. Like the flowers in the park, a quirky shop display, or even a shabby wall with some graffiti on it. 7. Or bad time There is never a bad time or bad moment to take a photo when it’s a selfie. Go for it in the morning, during your lunch break, even after you’ve just left the gym. There is never a wrong moment. 8. Do it alone Why bother waiting for that perfect moment to capture an extra sassy photo of yourself, and then slowly deflate as you realise there is no-one available to do it for you? You can take matters into your own hands and snap away.