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ADATA Premier Micro SDHC 32GB UHS-I

SAR 138.00
Cost-Effective Innovation ADATA’s microSDHC UHS-I memory card is the result of many years of R & D efforts. Sequential Read/Write speeds reach 20MB/5MB per second, random write (IOPS) speeds are as high as 50, and random read speed (IOPS) are up to 500. This represents an average 30% speed increase over SD 2.0 memory cards in multi-tasking operations of smart phone. In addition to the outstanding product performance, this technology has strong cost-effective competitive advantages, which allow consumers to enjoy SD 3.0 performance at a price that is close to SD 2.0 products. This makes it easy for you to experience rapid audio-video enjoyment. Range of Capacities to Meet Wide Range of Demands The new microSDHC UHS-I memory cards are available in 4GB, 8GB, I6GB, and 32GB capacities, giving you a wide range of high-speed options.